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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boullier very firmly: Robert will return to Lotus Renault GP

Lotus Renault team boss GP, Eric Boullier strongly emphasized that Robert Kubica has a contract with Lotus Renault GP and as soon as he recovers he will replace Nick Heidfeld in the car in the Enstone team. The Frenchman said that soon will start the communication between Robert and the media. He stressed further that the Polish driver's health condition is steadily improving. Now you can ask the Polish driver, who will respond shortly via Lotus Renault GP website.

Eric Boullier spoke out today for service Frenchman firmly stressed that Robert Kubica's condition is much better than you would suppose, and after regaining full fitness the Pole will replace Nick Heidfeld in the car of Lotus Renault GP. According to Boullier German is fully aware of this.

"State of Robert improves very quickly. After last surgery he had to relax for some time, but now he is pushing really hard. I have not seen him lately, but I talked a bit with him. I maintain a constant contact with his manager Daniele Morelli and Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, which says that the situation is better than expected "- said Boullier.

"The situation is very clear. We have an agreement with Robert and Nick also well aware that if Robert will recover and be able to come back, he will come back. There is no other possibility. I am the man who signed contract with him!" - added the Frenchman.

"Soon will start the communication between Robert and the media. I do not know the exact plans, but we want to communicate all new information."

We already know that, through the official site of Team Lotus Renault GP ( Pole fans can ask him questions. Robert will answer them, and these responses will be published on the team site on Wednesday.


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