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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, 01.06.: Robert Kubica is able to walk without any help, end of rehabilitation in August

Good news came to us about Robert Kubica`s health status. Pole is able to walk on his own, without any equipment. This is very import_ant event in his rehabilitation, which should end in August. Since September Robert will be training strength and his physical form. This information is from Daniele Morelli, Kubica`s manager.

Today`s morning Autosprint wrote that Robert is now able to walk independently, without any help or equipment. In terms of rehabilitation it is import_ant, because from now return to fitness of his legs will be almost automatical. Still, Kubica`s right leg is weak and he have to be careful.

About Robert spoke his manager, Daniele Morelli, who said that experts predict that Pole will recover full fitness. Italian said also that Lotus Renault GP driver feels better physically and mentally and he still loves racing.

Morelli gave also end date of Kubica`s rehabilitation. According to him, it will end in August and in September Robert will start training program designed to restore his physical strength.

I hope that Morelli`s words are 100% true, but I have a slight feeling that he gone too far in giving the date of Robert`s return. I think that it is sill too early for it. The manager`s role is to give us only good news and maybe in that case Morelli is making things better then they are. However, I hope I'm wrong, and Italian words will check in future.


  1. Thank you for the updates!! keep up the good work!

  2. Ja też chciałem bardzo podziękować za ten "blog".
    Dzięki Tobie jestem wstanie na bieżąco orientować się jak wygląda kwestia zdrowia Roberta.
    Świetna robota.
    A za Roberta trzymamy kciuki!!
    pozdrawiam ja

  3. Thank you for your blog :)

  4. Thanks a lot for the information! I`m very happy with the progress of Robert!