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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, 09.06: Another Kubica`s surgery in July

As said Riccaardo Ceccarelli who conducts Robert Kubica`s rehabilitation, Pole need to have another elbow surgery to remove calcification of ligaments in his right elbow. The operation is scheduled for early July, its aim is to restore the full efficiency of the elbow. Ceccarelli said that in August, should be known approximate date of Kubica`s return to racing.

Robert Kubica is now carrying rehabilitation in several Italian clinics, mainly in the Formula Medicine belonging to Riccardo Ceccarelli. Italian spoke yesterday about the prospects for the Robert Kubica`s return to races. He believes that the rehabilitation will be so quick as before, and that in August it will be possible to give the date of Pole`s return.

The biggest concern of doctors raises the status of the driver's right hand. In July, Robert will have next, fifth already, elbow surgery. Doctors will remove the calcification of ligaments in the elbow, which arose during a very long period of its rigidity. This will allow the muscles to rebuild and restore the mobility of the elbow.

This will be probably the last Kubica`s operation. After that, he will need about 2 months to recover quite normal mobility of the elbow. Everything turns out in less than 3 months, and I believe that we will get more good news about Robert`s condition.


  1. so ... I was right ! :)

    Go Robert Kubica, Go !!!

  2. Fifth? I can remember three:
    - right after the accident
    - performed by the elbow specialist
    - a procedure on the muscles

  3. Kubica`s surgeries:
    February 6
    February 9
    March 12
    May 10

    and I`m counting very small surgery intervention from March 3