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Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday, 02.06: Czachorski confirmed Morelli`s words, Boullier misses Kubica

Robert Kubica`s coordinator in Poland, Marcin Czachorski confirmed Daniele Morelli words about Pole`s health. He said that Robert is feeling better. Meanwhile Lotus Renault GP begins to miss Robert more and more. Eric Boullier admits that the team lacks very demanding Kubica, who mobilized all to hard work.

Last great news about Robert Kubica, from his manager, Daniele Morelli, seems unbelievable, but Marcin Czachorski, his friend and coordinator in Poland, confirmed it today. He said that Robert feels better and better, making very quick progress in rehabilitation and has been already performing some exercises designed to prepare him for the role of race driver.

About Robert also spoke today Eric Boullier, Lotus Renault GP boss. Frenchman expressed his longing for the Pole, whose determination and a strong hand is missing in the team. Boullier said that Kubica always expresses  what he wants and he could be very angry when he will not get it. He added, however, that the team needs leader, whom previously was Kubica.

It is possible that Boullier tries to calm down the situation created after Lopez and Morelli words. Now everyone can see how great is the role of such a good driver as Kubica in Formula 1 team

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