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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday, 05.06: Something about Robert, something about Lotus Renault Grand Prix, a link to the poll, and an invitation

We have not received during this weekend any new information about the health status of Robert Kubica. Only Daniele Morelli, manager of the Pole, once again said that the doctors taking care of Robert believe that he can fully recover. Here I present you two interesting links, one for Lotus Renault GP, the other containing a poll regarding Robert. I would also like to announce an interview with a good friend of Robert Kubica, which will appear on the blog next week.
Daniele Morelli has said recently that Robert will surely regain fitness needed to drive a Formula 1 car. Today he confirmed it, but with less certainty, and relying on the opinion of doctors. Italian said that Robert is making a steady progress, and doctors are hoping that the Pole will regain full fitness. May their hopes come true.
And now these links. The first is the article about very extensive plans of Lotus Renault GP. There is no sense that I would foresee, therefore I refer you here: (but firstly read my text to the end ;) )
As you can see after the title, the team wants to show that, contrary to recent reports, it has no financial problems and wants to develop.
The second link is an interesting poll posted on the forum site of Question of the poll was, - would you hire Robert Kubica now? Very interesting question, and the results seem to indicate that on the forum of the world's largest motorsport site there is a large mass Robert's supporters. Below please find a link to the poll, which is followed with an interesting discussion:
This poll has inspired me and I already know what would be the question in another poll on my blog. It will begin tomorrow night.
And now a little preview for next week. One of our readers - Paul "Fabek" Fabisiewicz conducted a very interesting interview with Fernando Reese, a racing driver, who had the opportunity to race several times with Robert, also in the colors of one team. Paul asked him what a driver, a man and a team mate is Robert and also what are Reese's memories associated with Kubica and their common passion - the simulators. The interview should appear on the blog early next week.
I hope that I will be able to share new information about Robert himself.

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