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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday, 04.06: What would the media invent, or the expiry of the Kubica's contract with Renault

In German Internet media appeared an information few days ago, having to cause a sensation, that the contract of Robert Kubica with Lotus Renault GP had expired. Perversely I might ask: What contract? But I will answer differently - why to look for sensationalism in the contract about which we know nothing, and which in the current situation is not very important.
On one of the German sites has appeared information that as a result of recent statements and uncertain recovery of Robert Kubica, the contract with Lotus Renault GP had expired. The fact that these were just the German media, I will leave without comment. Two Polish sites reiterated this information. It should be noted that only two and among "average size" services range (which is not an allusion and does not indicate a lack of professionalism!).
Contracts of Formula 1 drivers are something that is a lot of buzz, but nobody really knows their content. There are lots of conjectures, but nothing is ever certain. I would advise to still remember one thing - the contracts are obligations
... of people in fact. And if so, then if you meet the two wise men, with goodwill of cooperation they will always reach an agreement and nothing will stand on the way to make changes to an existing contract. About that has spoken recently Daniele Morelli, Robert Kubica's manager. Italian said that in the current situation the contract is not the most import_ant thing but the goodwill of cooperation. I agree, totally agree.
It cannot be ruled out that in Robert's contract there was a clause saying that in the case of a few months inability to drive (because of the driver) the contract shall automatically be terminated. But shortly after the February accident and stabilization of Robert state,  Morelli and Boullier sat down and discussed the whole situation, and agreed to what and how. If the contract was to be terminated,  would  be  Boullier assuring week ago that the team is waiting for Robert and  that they have already prepared a car for him? Or the day before yesterday he would be expressing a longing for Robert? Well, of course not. Gossip, that Kubica is now a "free rider" should be put on the shelf with the signature "fairy tale."
But I would draw attention to only one aspect of this story, which seems to be plausible. It is a matter of salary for 2011 season. As we know from media reports, Robert was to earn this year in Lotus Renault GP - 10 million Euros. Rather, it is clear that the Pole will not get the full amount of it. If the contract was considered only in the financial aspect, in fact, it could expired. The team from Enstone hired  Heidfeld, who got 1 million Euros. Money is not, however, an import_ant aspect now, as well the matter of the contract.
I do not agree with naming  Robert Kubica  as a "free player", even in terms of the contract. Robert is associated with Lotus Renault GP and it is planned that he will returned there. Until we are not given official information, please refrain from speculation and patiently wait for the return of Robert Kubica's first - to health, and then to a Formula 1 car.

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