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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Robert Kubica after surgery, he promoted blood donation on posters, pictures in "Fakt" are from 9th June. Pole will return on the Brazilian Grand Prix?

After yesterday's information chaos associated with Robert Kubica, today we know a little bit more. Yesterday in Genoa Pole underwent the last planned operation of his hand. Its results will be announced today. Robert`s manager Daniele Morelli said, that there is possibility that Robert will return on last  grand prix in 2011 in Brazil. Kubica did not appear yesterday in Savona, but he promoted on posters the blood donation. We also learned that pictures and video, which in the last two days appeared on the websites of "Fakt", were taken 9th June.

Initially, Kubica`s last elbow surgery was planned for July or August. Doctors during it had to get rid of the calcification of ligaments, which arose in Kubica`s hand during a long period of immobilization. We do not know why this procedure was accelerated, but is rather a positive signal. When Robert will rest after the operation, he will go to the Formula Medicine clinic.

About Robert spoke yesterday his manager Daniele Morelli. Italian admitted that hand condition remains a major concern of Robert and doctors, but perhaps the Pole will be ready to ride in the last Brazilian Grand Prix in September. There is expected that Lotus Renault GP driver will start driving in the simulator in August. Morelli announced that he will tell us today about results of yesterday`s hand surgery.

After the publication of photos and video of Robert Kubica in the newspaper "Fakt", aroused question, when they were taken. Robert`s condition was not identical with the image which doctors and his managers presented to us. It turned out that photos and video were made on Thursday, 9th June.

Italian newspaper Il Vostro Giornale reported on Monday that Robert was to promote yesterday in Savona blood donations. As it turned out, Kubica encouraged, but from posters, which promoted the event. Below I present a picture of this poster.

Robert said during this campaign: "There are situations in which we lose control over our lives, situations in which does no matter who we are. Situations, which ceases to choose, select, and you have to rely on others. Man depends on their capabilities and the resources they have available. Money or fame are not counting then. What matters is what gives us: time, professionalism, experience, commitment ... I want to thank medical teams, which in February took up my cure. The effectiveness of their treatments is guaranteed also by the fact that had at their disposal adequate supplies of blood. I also thank the donors of blood from the Liguria region, leaving it on a regular basis which provide the existence of these stockpiles, which allows them to save many lives, including mine."

Personally, I think speeding up Robert`s operation is a good sign, but in light of recent information, more and more I doubt whether Kubica will able to come back this season. Of course, start in Brazil would be a symbol of Robert`s victory, a great event for millions of fans, our dreams would come true. But now the rush is not indicated, he need to move forward peacefully. Maybe it would be better solution to let Nick Heidfeld to fight for 10th place and in the end of season go to Enstone and, together with the engineers and mechanics prepare a great car for 2012? Maybe it would be more practical solution, but I prefer to see Robert as soon as possible behind the wheel of racing car and I hope my wishes will come true.

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