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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Morelli in Warsaw told very positive news about Robert Kubica

Daniele Morelli, manager of Robert Kubica, was today in Warsaw. Italian told us a very positive news about the health of the Pole. Robert moves without crutches and yesterdays surgery of arm was the last one. Now will begin the last phase of rehabilitation. According to Morelli Kubica is two weeks ahead of rehabilitation plan. Manager also said that the photos released by the "Fakt" were made few weeks ago. From his words could be deduced, that Kubica is already after first road car ride, and his return to F1 must not necessarily be with Lotus Renault GP.

Regarding health of Robert Kubica, Morelli confirmed that yesterday's operation on elbow was to remove calcifications and adhesions in tendons and muscles. This surgery was the last scheduled for Pole's arm/hand. So far, his hand had to be in several places protected from excessive movements. Now there will be possible a gradual recovery of strength in this hand. As assured by the Italian, the functionality of Kubica's hand is now almost complete, although it is still weak, because there were numerous muscle atrophies. Robert moves without crutches now. Overall, Kubica is two weeks ahead of the original rehabilitation plan. Morelli added that the pictures released on Monday by the daily "Fakt" were made a few weeks ago, and now Robert is in better shape.
With regard to the mental state of Robert Kubica, Morelli revealed that, of course, such a serious accident teaches a star like Robert a humility, but he remains in good psychological condition. He is extremely determined and desperate to get back as soon as possible to Formula 1. He practices with all his might, and there were situations that the staff had to hold him back from overloading his body.
As regards the return date to F1, Morelli said that at present it is impossible to determine anything, more will be known in August. According to him, back to the Brazilian Grand Prix is ​​not a dream but a plan.
Morelli also spoke about the team in which Kubica will return to F1. Italian said that there may happen a situation, that Robert will be able to return to driving, but he may not be able to find a place for him in any team this season. In the next year Robert, however, should not have problems with finding an employer. Italian assured, however, that the Pole has still a valid contract with Lotus Renault GP, he is working with the team and on Mondays he participate in after-race briefings.
The last issue  touched by Morelli was the case of meetings and official speeches. There are no scheduled interviews, Robert will not also show himself to the public. According to Morelli it just does not make sense.
From some of Morelli statements we could deduce surprising conclusions. Italian, among others said: "I cannot say, however, whether he already drove a car, because the doctors get angry at me" - we can conclude that sucg a ride has already taken a place.

Morelli thanked the fans for their support, which flows to the Pole. Kubica saw the Polish flag in Montreal during the Canadian Grand Prix, and was moved because he feared that he might be forgotten. There was read a letter praising the Lotto in Poland, which, despite the absence of Kubica in F1 is still sponsoring it. For us, the only remaining piece of the text is: "I want to get back on track  stronger than ever, working very hard to get back behind the wheel."
It is import_ant that the condition of Robert is getting better and we are delighted that he and his surroundings are optimists.

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