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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Morelli about Kubica`s return: firstly road car, then simulator and at the end racing car

Daniele Morelli in an interview to Przegląd Sportowy presented the preliminary plan of Robert Kubica`s return to F1 including different types of cars. Italian explained that Robert will firstly drive a road car, then he will drive in one of the Formula 1 teams simulator and after that he will drive a racing car - probably a Renault F1 from 2009. Pole`s condition is improving, but we still cannot speak about specific dates of next important steps in his return to racing.

We didn`t learned many new things, but it's better than nothing. Robert Kubica continues rehabilitation in Italy, travelling between clinics and hospitals. After the last operation doctors observed a significant increase in hand and fingers mobility.

Now Robert is undergoing rehabilitation and, hopefully, there will be further improve of  efficiency of the hand. When it will be satisfiing Kubica will get in behind the steering wheel of road car on closed to traffic area. Morelli said this will be first test to prove Kubica`s ability to return. Later Robert will be driving in a Formula 1 car simulator. It will be Formula 1 drivirng simulation without imposing overload on the Robert`s body. Lotus Renault GP driver probably will use Ferrari`s simulator, because his team don`t have it.

Simulator will decide if Robert is able to drive a racing car. Morelli said, the Kubica will decide is he ready to drive. When Pole finds that he is ready he will be able to drive Renault F1 car from 2009 which is waiting for him.

This will be the most important Kubica`s test. If he will be able to drive fast, and his body will withstand an overload of up to 6G, then Robert in a few weeks will be ready to drive F1 car. It is possible that to improve neck muscle strength, he will drive go-cart, wearing a specially charged helmet.

Morelli said that it is impossible to predict a specific date of Robert`s comeback. We must patiently wait for the effects of rehabilitation. Still, the goal is to return to the last grand prix of the season in Brazil. The final decision about return will be taken by Kubica. If he will feel strong enough, it will remain only a matter team in which he will start. There should be no problem with that, because a lot of teams wishing to make use of the media uproar, which will be accompanied by the return of Robert Kubica to racing.

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