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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday, 17.05: Kubica`s rehabilitation in many facilities

It turns out that Robert Kubica passes his rehabilitation in several locations. In each of them he is working on different part of his body. Robert lives in his home in Monte Carlo, but he is travelling to a few clinics in Italy for rehabilitation. Francesco Lanza, who operated a Pole, said that his condition is steadily improving and rehabilitation runs according to the plan.

Robert likes to ride - you can see it even in his rehabilitation. Everyone expected that the Pole will settle in one of the clinics in Italy and there he will continue his rehabilitation. The reality is different. Kubica is visiting different doctors. In Genoa Lotus Renault GP driver met prof. Igor Rossello, who is taking care of injured elbow. In Savona hand surgery specialist, Francesco Lanza examined Pole`s condition. Over next few days Robert will go to the Formula Medicine clinic to continue treatment of his right leg.

Lanza, who spoke about Kubica said that his condition is improving, but there are not excluded other surgeries to speed up recovery process.

The fact that Kubica only goes for treatments, and is not a resident of one location may indicate that the state of the Pole is better than everyone expected and he can rehabilitate at his home under the supervision of Riccardo Ceccarelli. Unfortunately, it could be also a signal that Robert have to wait for the reconstruction of nerves in his hand and now he can only do light exercise. I hope that first option is right.

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