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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, 19.05: Kubica and his fans have to be patient

Robert Kubica is slowly recovering, riding between his home in Monte Carlo and a few Italian clinics. Robert cannot begin full, strong arm exercises, until nerves in his hand will re-built. This process takes a long time, even in Kubica`s body. We all need to be patient, this process can not be accelerated.

Two days ago I wrote that Kubica didn`t settled in one of the Italian facilities to continue rehabilitation in there, because he have to wait for the reconstruction of nerve connections in his hand. Pole is practising in his home under the supervision of Riccardo Ceccarelli. Yesterday the same news wrote Italian newspaper Il Vostro Giornale.

Shortly after Kubica`s accident, when doctors were asked about predictions of the future, they all answered that we need to know the scale of nerves destruction to be able to say anything. We already know that in Pole`s hand, almost cut off by a metal barrier, were numerous nerves injuries. Some of them have been already restored, about which recently said  Dr. Francesco Lanza. Unfortunately, the scale of injuries Robert suffered is so big that we have to be patient waiting for the complete reconstruction of nervous system in the driver's right hand.

Nerves regenerate about 1 millimetre per day, but the reconstruction is not everything. After that Robert will need to learn steering them properly. So now everything is up to nature.

Kubica continues to exercise his legs, developing the physical condition, making sure that when the nerves return to full fitness, rehabilitation precess will speed up.

We all hope that Kubica will able to return to full fitness, time is not so much important.

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