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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, 05.05: Prosecutors from Savona won`t accuse anybody

According to earlier information from a few weeks ago, prosecutors from Savona, leading an investigation of Robert Kubica`s accident in Ronde di Andorra rally, will request for remission of the investigation. According to their opinion nobody is directly guilty of this accident from February 6. Even Robert Kubica didn`t wanted to punish anyone. Pole is resting now in his home in Monaco, making some light exercises of his hand.

Media, have in their nature searching for guilty peoples, and immediately after the accident they wanted to find someone guilty of that tragedy. There have been theories about protruding root, slippery road, destroyed fence, which people supposedly dismantled in order to shorten their way to church. Fortunately such speculations ended quickly. It was just a rally accident, these occur several times at every rally. Unfortunately, in this we had tragic consequences, because metal barrier came into the car and demolished left side of Kubica`s body. If not that Robert would be unpacking right now in Istambul hotel.

The Italian prosecutors stated the event had all the permits, was carried out properly and the drivers were not exposed to danger. There is no reason to prosecute anyone. This was also the will of Robert Kubica, who after testifying said he will not want to accuse anyone.

Robert is currently in Monaco, where he can walk quite independently. His left hand is in full fitnes. He can gently move the fingers of his right hand, the elbow is still stiffened. In the next few days he should go to the Riccardo Ceccarelli clinic, where he is going to start harder rehabilitation.

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