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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, 29.05: No recent interview with Robert Kubica

As it was announced, on website appear interview with Robert Kubica. Interview is very interesting, but ... from 2010 so before the Kubica`s accident in Ronde di Andora rally. Unfortunately journalists from this website unnecessarily raised expectations of most fans not telling about this fact. Below you can watch this interview in Polish. Later I will translate most important Kubica`s sentences.

I am dissapointed with that I saw today. I`m absolutely no blaming Robert, because before transmitting the announcement of this interview, I would not expect that ho would agree to provide the video interview. I have a claim to Mikołaj Sokół and all those who announced the interview. It was not necessary to keep secret about date of this interview and raising expectations of fans. Can not they said earlier that this will be an interview from 2010? Then everyone would be glad being able to see the unreleased interview with the best Polish driver to remember his cheerfulness and sense of humor. Now, among all of those who waited for an interview after the accident, there is confusion and dissatisfaction.

Below I present the following interview with Robert from 2010.

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  1. Periodistas tienden a agrandar todo. Que lacra!