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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday, 28.05: Morelli: Kubica will not participate in Friday practices

Robert Kubica's manager Daniele Morelli ruled out the participation of the Polish driver in Friday's practice sessions before the Formula 1 races in this season. Italian said that Kubica`s fitness will be checked in other series cars, but in Formula 1 Robert will drive for victories in races, not for testing.

Morelli has responded to media reports related to the words of Gerard Lopez, Genii Capital group owner which holds 100% stake in Lotus Renault GP team. Lopez recently said, with care about Robert, that it will be possible to allow Robert to participate in Friday`s practice sessions this season, but Pole will not start in races.

This resulted in many comments and speculation. When asked about those words, Morelli said that there is no way that Robert will took part in Friday`s practices only. According to Italian such training will not make any sense, because the efficiency of the Pole`s hand will be checked during tests in the lower series cars, such as GP2. If Kubica will be able to return, he can be only in full-time racing driver role to compete for wins and podiums for the team.

It seems that Gerard Lopez`s statement caused quite big confusion. I just hope it was a simple misunderstood, not a manifestation of conflict that exists about Kubica`s return to race in the Lotus Renault GP team.

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  1. Gerard Lopez knows exactly how RK is and was real nice when spoke about RK. There are a lot of journalist misleading the public about an early return when neither Kubica nor his doctors know if he will fully recover and if he fully recover if he will be at his previous level.