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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday 14.05: Kubica has experience from rehabilitation in 2003

Robert Kubica and his doctor Riccardo Ceccarelli, well know how to restore quickly the efficiency of Pole`s hand. During rehabilitation in 2003 they showed real skills and determination, making Kubica`s break in racing shorter that anyone had expected. Robert used during this rehabilitation special equipment, which can be seen on his unique picture from 2003 shown below. Experiences from that recovery will also be useful now, however the Polish driver's injuries are several times worse.

8 years ago, Robert participated in a road accident in Poland. He was a passenger. Into his car hit a drunk driver. Then he was a Formula 3 Euroseries driver. He suffered a complicated fracture of his humerus. The first operation in Poland gave bad effect, and Kubica couldn`t even move his hand. Needed was a trip to Italy, where Pole`s hand was again folded. Current Lotus Renault GP driver was then under care of the Formula Medicine clinic, governed by Riccardo Ceccarelli. Here is a photograph from the rehabilitation:
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As you can see Robert used a special rehabilitation sleeve, aimed to gradual, but rapid recovery of fingers efficiency. Kubica in his first races after his return in 2003 had lack of strength in this hand. Now he may use more modern equipment, because Pole`s injuries are much bigger.

In 2003, doctors feared that the bolts, which were used to unite Kubica's bone, may come loose during the vibrations felt by the driver in racing car. Fortunately, nothing like that happened. But now, Robert has more screws only in his leg than he previously had in the arm. Lotus Renault driver's elbow has been repaired by using the screws with a diameter up to 0.5 millimetre.

All of these experiences about Kubica`s body reactions on treatment and exercises will be very helpful now. Most import_ant is that Kubica knows that since he came back in 2003, he can also come back this year, even if his body damages are bigger.

Undoubtedly, Robert is during the most import_ant part of rehabilitation. If he is able to regain some power in elbow it will give doctors and us hope.

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