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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Robert Kubica will not appear in the F1 paddock at the Monaco Grand Prix

Already on Thursday, Formula 1 drivers will appear in Monte Carlo to attend  the most interesting and most famous race weekend of the season. It would be the home race for Robert Kubica, who lives in Monaco*. There are rumours that Pole may appear in the Formula 1 paddock during one of the racing days. But I don`t expect that to happen. Below I explain why.

Monte Carlo is home to many F1 drivers, mainly due to high standards, beautiful places and very low taxes. Robert Kubica went there to find peace, because in Monaco Formula 1 driver raises much less sensation than anywhere else.

A race weekend in Monte Carlo begins on Thursday with two free practice sessions. Such solution has been adopted long ago, to not paralyse traffic in the centre of Monte Carlo for 3 days in a row.

We all want to see Robert Kubica as soon as possible. But there is no chance that he will appear in the Formula 1 paddock in some of racing days. Robert is recovering, but he still needs calm and care. He would not have it in the pit of his team. Everyone would want to speak with him, and we know that he is not very open person. Furthermore, we know how much Kubica`s family and friends protected his privacy when he was in Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure. Kubica and his family don`t want to show with the whole "therapeutic equipment", which is constantly with Robert.

All these considerations clearly justify the fact that we will not see Kubica in Monaco. Of course, as always when I communicate bad news - I don`t want to be right.

Probably, however, we will see Robert this weekend, but not in Monte Carlo, Probably on weekend one of Polish websites will publish interview with Pole... but more about that I will write tomorrow.

* Writing Monaco, of course I mean the Monaco as a country, not as a city.

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