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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, 23.05: Lopez: Kubica will not return to F1 this season...but he can participate in friday free practice

Lotus Renault GP team owner Gerard Lopez said that it is not possible for Robert Kubica to return to Formula 1 in a racing driver role. Lopez, said also that no one knows how long will Kubica`s rehabilitation take. Even if he will recover full fitness and superlicence which allows to drive in F1, he will be able only to drive in one of Friday`s practices.

Lopez during Spanish Grand Prix said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca, that Kubica will not start in any Formula 1 in this season, but he did not rule out that Pole will take part in one of the Friday`s practices at the end of the season.
Lopez said that no one knows how long will Robert`s rehabilitation take, neither he nor his doctors. Currently he is undergoing excercises in Italy.
Why Kubica after regaining full fitness and a special license which allows to competing in F1 (the called "superlicense") will only be able to take part in Friday`s practices, and not in the race. The answer is simple - Nick Heidfeld has signed a full-year contract with Lotus Renault GP.
We hope that in next season we will see Robert Kubica in the Formula 1 races.

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  1. I speak spanish and follow your blog because I like Robert Kubica (RK).

    Gerard Lopez made comments to a Spanish Radio station (Onda Cero), to the program "radio estadio del motor", not to a newspaper.

    The Newspaper MARCA took the audio of the interview and published it on their newspaper:

    During the interview he said that neither RK nor his doctors nor Renault know if he (RK) is going to fully recover and now RK is up to a very difficult part, which is to come back to where he was before.
    When asked if RK will return to racing this year he said: No, for sure he is not going to come back this year. Probably we can get RK to do a test this season sometime on a Friday, but for sure this season he is not going to return to compete in a race.

    I hope this clarify a bit this history since there are many notes going around regarding his comments.
    Your blog is quite close, perhaps not much difference. The way that he spoke about RK not coming back this season was in the sense that he is recovering well but it is uncertain for everybody if RK will fully recover and if so, it will be before the end of the season. I very much doubt that Renault will let Nick drive the car if RK is fully fitted.