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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, 09.05: Loeb understand Kubica

After Robert Kubica's accident in Ronde di Andora, many people were asking why Pole decided to participate in rallies, risking his health. Today explained that WRC Champion, Sebastien Loeb. The Frenchman said that he is not surprised by Lotus Renault GP driver decision saying that rallies are completely different challenge for the drivers than F1.

Loeb gave yesterday a huge interview about his career. He was also asked about Robert Kubica`s decision to start in a rally car. The Frenchman said he understood the Pole, because rallies give drivers something different than F1 - beautiful views, bigger excitement and unpredictability.

Loeb said: "In F1 drivers during three days over a race weekend are driving on the same 5-kilometre track. On same road. It's incredibly tedious and alienating. In rallies is different."

Citroen`s driver also asked: "In my spare time I`m also driving karts, trucks or other cars. Do you expect that a race car driver will just sit at home and wait for the next round?"

Loeb is another person who supports the decision of Robert about competing in rallies. Before understanding for Lotus Renault driver have expressed other rally drivers - Krzysztof Holowczyc, Leszek Kuzaj and Tomasz Kuchar.

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