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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, 02.05: How long will Kubica be in Monaco?

Robert Kubica is currently in Monaco, where he is resting after a very long treatment in Santa Coronain Pietra Ligure. Pole is going to start a rehabilitation in Riccardo Ceccarelli clinic. Perhaps early thisweek, Lotus Renault GP driver will travel there.

According to earlier information, Kubica will rest in Monaco for a few days. Today, passed 9th day from his departure from the Italian hospital. It is expected that within next week Robert will resume harder exercises. This does not mean that now Robert is having a break from them. Qualified personnel is taking care of him constantly.

Pole can walk by himself quite good, he ended the preliminary phase of rehabilitation of his leg and shoulder. It will be continued with a special equipment in the Ceccarelli clinic. Robert has been under Ceccarelli`s care for almost 10 years. In August, we'll find out if Robert is able to regain fitness needed in F1 cars.

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