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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last poll results

Yesterday ended last poll about recent Gerard Lopez words, owner of Lotus Renault GP team. Your votes were very equalled. Below I present results.

Question was:
Gerard Lopez said recently that Robert Kubica will not return to F1 races in this season. How do you think - why he said that?

Here are your votes:

He knows that Robert will not regain full fitness                                     9 (10%)
He doesn`t want to make any hopes when Kubica`s return is uncertain   28 (33%)
He signed a full year contract with Heidfeld                                          22 (26%)
I don`t believe him, Kubica will return                                                  25 (29%)

Results are way different to Polish poll results. Poles opted for last answer. It seems that it was correct because Eric Boullier and Daniele Morelli ruled out Lopez sentences.

There is another poll on my blog, this time about Morelli words.

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