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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last poll results

Today ended up last poll, in which I asked you about Lotus Renault GP team behaviour after Robert Kubica`s accident. One of answers got most of your votes, and the results are not surprising.

Let me remind you question: 
How would you rate Lotus Renault GP attitude to Robert Kubica after his accident?
Here are your votes:

Perfect, they helped him mentally and financially         15 (22%)
Professional, they done everything they could             42 (63%)
Not bad, but they don`t miss them properly                 8 (12%)
Bad, they forgot about him, they don`t visit him often    1 (1%)

The results are not surprising, we have to admit that the Lotus Renault GP knows value of Robert Kubica and they professionally took care of Polish driver, whose absence is now very noticeable in the Enstone - based team.

There is already another poll, in which I`m asking about recent statements of Gerard Lopez about Robert`s comeback to F1.

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