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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kubica practising 7 hours a day

Robert Kubica, in theory, is resting at his home in Monaco. In case of a Pole it means rehabilitation exercises 6-7 hours per day. This follows from the words of Eric Boullier, Team Lotus Renault Grand Prix boss, where Robert was to ride this year.

Boullier is in constant contact with the Polish driver. On Tuesday, they talked on phone for nearly an hour. Robert told the Frenchman about the relief he felt when he returned home and to a quite normal operating. This was a big positive incentive for Kubica, who even though has to rest, he trains many hours a day, with one goal -  return to racing in Formula 1

Boullier, said Robert trains 6-7 hours a day, of course, under the supervision of specialists. Soon he will go to a clinic of his personal doctor, Riccardo Ceccarelli.

As Lotus Renault GP boss said, in mid-June it will be possible to obtain a clearer picture of Kubica health status. It will enable to estimate initially his chances of returning to Formula 1. It is worth noting that two weeks ago the doctors said that it will be possible in late August.

We look forward to further positive news on the Polish driver.

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