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Monday, May 30, 2011

How Kubica`s further rehabilitation will look like

Last weekend brought us many new, positive information about Robert Kubica`s condition and rehabilitation. We found out how his rehabilitation will look like in next months. Everyone who spoke about Robert insisted that his return to fitness is going properly, and predictions for the future are positive.
  Currently, Robert is practising 5 hours a day, mainly at his home in Monte Carlo under Riccardo Ceccarelli supervision. To check his progress he goes to few Italian clinics. Recently he spent  few days in Formula Medicine, a institution specialized in taking care of racing drivers. Robert during trainings in this facility was able to hold a pen.

From previous information, we knew that in mid-June we'll know a bit more when Robert Kubica may return to full fitness. Until that time should complete regeneration of damaged nerves. Now we know that there is no concerns that Kubica will not regain full fitness needed to drive a Formula 1 car.

Daniele Morelli said in Monaco that in late July Robert should start a training program, proper to racing drivers like running, strength and reflex exercises. Robert will use in his further rehabilitation equipment available in Formula Medicine as special treadmills, computers software to exercise reflex and driving simulator of a Formula 1 car. The simulator will be used to get Robert used to speed and movements that a driver is making while driving. When it will be possible, Robert will sit in lower series cars maybe also karts. Probably he will use a World Series by Renault car and Renault F1 car from 2009.

Such far-reaching plans shows that the condition of Robert is good and it is constantly improving.
We have to remember that the greatest concern of doctors was Kubica`s elbow. I hope that everything is good with this part of Robert`s body. Overall situation is good, maybe even better than we think.

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