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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How it was a year ago - a video of Robert Kubica`s lap in Monaco

A year ago Robert Kubica excelent showed in the Monako Grand Prix, driving recklessly through the tight streets of Monte Carlo. In race he placed third and he was second in qualifying for it. Today, his absence will be very visible. To remind you how well it is possible to drive in Monaco, I present the video of the Robert`s qualifying lap in 2010.

I watched this video dozens of times, but I never have enough. Viewing Robert almost touching barriers, perfectly holding his Renault remind us how great driver he is. I think it is worth seeing today's qualifying Sebastian Vettel lap, and compare how easy for him it was.

A year ago this lap was enough to take second place. It is unknown whether this year, Kubica would have a chance to win, but he certainly would give a excelent show of driving. Robert will be able to watch in TV how his team-mates are trying to copy his result. Maybe he will be even able to hear engines of Formula 1 cars from his home.

We hope that during this Grand Prix we will hear more good news about his condition.

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