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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday, 27.05: Is Kubica in Monte Carlo during the Monaco GP?

Robert Kubica is currently undergoing rehabilitation in several Italian clinics. He is also often in his home in Monte Carlo, where he performs light exercises. Has Pole decided to stay in Monaco during the race weekend? Most of the signs suggest that he hasn`t.

Kubica`s apartment is located in the heart of Monte Carlo. Kubica can walk through the streets, used in the Monaco Grand Prix. As he said a few years ago, he lives in Monte Carlo in order to have peace of mind, and more anonymity. Has now Kubica decided to come to Monaco and feel the racing atmosphere? Some websites says that yes, but the words of Lotus Renault GP team boss Eric Boullier, can be deduced that Robert is still in the Formula Medicine clinic in Italy.

That was also my suspicion. Robert does not want to waste time in rehabilitation. Perhaps he is also guided by the principle of Polish proverb - what eyes can not see, it does not hurt. Pole, of course, will watch all the F1 sessions on TV, but it's not the same as a real view and sound of a Formula 1.

I hope that his rehabilitation goes fast enough for Robert to be able this year to hear the roar of a Formula 1 engine directly behind his back.

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