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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, 20.05: Robert Kubica`s current condition

We are not often inform about the exact state of Robert Kubica`s health. There are no messages about this parts of his body which were damaged in the accident in Ronde di Andora rally on 6 February. I`m doing my best to collect and rapidly write you information from doctors, his manager and his family and friends. Here are the results of my work:

I`m reminding those who forgot and those who did not know I`m informing that on my blog for over 2 months you can read about current medical status of Robert Kubica. Link to it is placed on the right side in the "tab" RECOMMENDED! I update it every week..

Here is a list of Pole`s injuries and info about healing them for now:

  • Black left eye after hitting the steering wheel: cured,
  • Badly broken right shoulder, fractures of the fragments and displacements: the bones were set, the reconstruction of bones is completed, on the way to recovery, the exercises started, small movebility
  • Humerus - multiplace open fractures, curvature of the previous plate titanium (inserted after an accident in 2002), the bones were set, reinforced with titanium splints, cured
  • Elbow - the most affected during the accident, multiple fractures with spare fragments,displacements and crushings, serious damage of the elbow joint: the complete reconstruction of the elbow during surgery, broken bones were set and jointed with titanium components, it is not known whether the proper functioning of the elbow will be possible, doctors are optimistic. On 9th May doctors removed tissue adhesions in the elbow, which means that it is prepared for the first exercise. Robert have to wait to reconstruction of nerves in his hand. Elbow is no longer immobilized.
  • Hand and its bones - multiple fractures with crushings, displacements with spare fragments: all bones were set and reinforced. Not given the scale of damage to the nerve, according to Professor Luigi Celli, nerves begin to activate, on the way to recovery.Currently, Robert can bend his fingers completely, but has no much force in them.
  • Lungs - disturbed saturation after losing a large amount of blood, shock and cooling down, their work was stabilized, cured
  • Femur - multiple fractures, including open: the bones were set and stiffened, cured
  • Knee - broken kneecap and jpint, fractures, joint reconstruction occurred, on the way to recovery,
  • The tibia and fibula - multiple open fractures, displacements and spare fragments: bones were set and stiffened, cured
  • Heel - broken heel: cured
  • Foot - numerous foot bone fractures: bones were set, cured
The whole left side of the body is healed, and has normal mobility.

Robert is standing by himself, he is walking with walkers.

Overall, Robert Kubica passed three very major surgeries, lasting a total of approximately 27 hours.  There was also carried out a smaller procedure of  improving fastening of titanium splints in his right leg. Tissue adhesions in the elbow removed in a smaller procedure.
In the course of treatment are all cut, skin defects, it is expected that on the Pole's body will remain very large scars after the accident and operations.
It should be noted that the wording "on the way to (full) recovery" refers to the recovery of fitness appropriate for normal functioning. Then there will be a need of training to prepare for the effort and the load which is felt while driving a racing car.
Current treatments: rehabilitation of the damaged shoulder, hand and leg; exercises keeping efficiency of the muscles of the left side of the body.

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