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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, 06.05: F1 drivers miss Kubica

On Thursday in Turkey drivers found some time to tell us that they miss Robert Kubica, who is recovering after a rally crash. About Polish driver spoke Vitaly Petrov, Nick Heidfeld, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton, Timo Glock and Adrian Sutil.

Most of them answered to Cezary Gutowski questions during an official press conference. Journalist is Kubica's close friend.

Nick Heidfeld, who replaced Kubica said: "All the time I think of him. It is normal that when I sit in this car I think about Robert more than the others. I thought about him even during the race in Malaysia. Usually, when you concentrate, you do not think about such things, but it's a strange situation. For him it's bad luck and for me good luck. We were colleagues in the BMW. It's a matter of respect. That's why I put on my helmet Polish flag. I always wanted to compete with best drivers. He is a very good driver. Many people in the paddock like him. He had terrible bad luck and I wish him a speedy recovery."

Second Lotus Renault GP driver, Witalij Pietrow said: "When I came to Renault at the same time as Robert, I didn’t know him before but with him, the team was loose, like one family, because he always tried to push the team, to wake up, to explain what to do. He was also a positive guy, he knew exactly what to do and all the guys in the team believed in him and he was always funny and very, very quick. What we saw last year, he was one of the best drivers. So we all miss him. We know he just left hospital; now he has a long time to recover, so we all support him and we are waiting for him. I hope that this year we can see him in the paddock, just to say hello."

The biggest Kubica`s friend in F1 is Fernando Alonso. Spaniard also spoke about Pole in Turkey: "We all miss Robert, the impression, the feeling I had in Australia at the start of the season when the group picture was taken with all the other drivers was that there was one missing. I spoke with him three days ago and again I wished him a good, quick recovery. He is doing well, although it is not that easy for him to recover from all the injuries. ‘But I’m sure he will be here very soon, maybe this year, and no doubts next year."

Lewis Hamilton, World Champion in 2008 and Kubica's rival ever since karting, said:
"I think everyone - all the drivers - have paid a compliment to him and fair dos to that; I second what they’ve all said, really. I’ve known him since I was about 13. We raced together, as soon as I got to Italy, so I’ve known him quite a long time and we generally came up through the ranks together, so perhaps I’ve known him a little bit longer than some others but I think that as we got to Formula One, known him perhaps a little bit less because you have less time for that kind of thing, but obviously he’s a great talent in the sport and he definitely deserves to be here so I hope that he has a very, very fast recovery and no doubt he has the right people behind him to help him recover in the best way. And knowing him, and how competitive he is, he will be doing everything he can to get back on the scene, so I look forward to welcoming him back, the same as everyone else."

Similary thinks Timo Glock from Virgin: "I have known him for a couple of years now. I spent a complete year with him at BMW and just a couple of days ago we sent messages back and forth. He’s a special guy and I think everyone is missing him. He’s a very good racer and it’s a shame that he’s not here, but I just hope that he recovers as quickly as possible and will be back in the paddock again."

Another German Adrian Sutil, said during today's press conference: "He’s a great character and I’ve known him for a long time as well. It’s always very disappointing and shocking to hear that something like this can happen. It shows that motor sport is still dangerous. At the same time, I think he was very lucky to be alive, so we wish him all the best … I wish him all the best and he should definitely come back here. He absolutely deserved to be in Formula One, he proved that many times and he’s a really good racer."

The last one who told us about Kubica was Felipe Massa from Ferrari: "I’ve known him since he was racing Formula Renault. I moved from Renault to Formula 3000 and he was starting in Formula Renault so I’ve known him a long time already and he’s a great driver, a very friendly guy, a very nice guy and an incredible talent, for sure. We miss him, for sure, fighting with him on the track. He was always very strong, a very good driver. The way he drives and the way he works, the way he believes, so I really hope he’s back here to do what he likes to do which is racing and just to see him in the paddock to have fun together as well."


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