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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wednesday, 13.04: "Robert set a strong pace of rehabilitation"

Another positive news coming to us about Robert Kubica`s condition. Pole`s friend, Marcin Czachorski, said that doctors can see a noticeable improvements in Robert`s health. According to Czachorski words, Kubica has imposed a very fast pace of his rehabilitation.

Kubica in next two weeks will start slowly walking, which also confirmed Czachorski. He stated that it can happen even next week. Robert`s right hand is still stiffened. Within two weeks, the plaster should be removed.

He also said that, Kubica set to himself fast pace of rehabilitation and he is not bored in hospital.

The whole time near Robert`s bed are his girlfriend Edyta Witas and manager Daniele Morelli. Doctors and physiotherapists are constantly monitoring his health. They say that start of walking by Kubica will have a very positive impact on the speed of his rehabilitation and significantly raise the morale of Polish driver.

Czachorski said that Kubica has one goal - return to Formula 1. He is very focused on exercises and is firmly determined to get back as soon as possible behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car.

We hope for more such reports about Pole!


  1. Hello everyone, thanks for the awesome site
    I'd like to know whether Robert is currently getting in touch with the F.1 stuff (when not having physical rehab).
    I mean, is he getting any kind of 'homework' or news from the team about car developing, tyre data and so on? Thank you

  2. Hi Magnus!
    Nice to hear that, thanks.
    Answer to Your question is here:

    "Lotus Renault GP team informs him of everything that happens in the garage and of the work carried out in the car. Kubica and Boullier often talk on the phone exchanging notes on the development of the car."

    Best regards!

  3. Thx for all reports. I have been following your blog for several weeks, keep up the good work. Forza Robert, get well soon, we want to see you back in F1!!

  4. Thank you, I missed that previous post. Shame Robert isn't there now that tyre management has proved vital in both qualifying and race. He is second to nobody in having the tyres perform and last as well, he should do well with these F.1 when he'll be back.