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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday, 13.04: Kubica going for beatification? Nonsense!

After recent good information of Robert Kubica`s health, in the Polish and foreign media raised speculations that Pole will come to John Paul II beatification ceremony in Rome on May 1. These ideas should be put on the shelf marked "fiction". Below I explain why.

About 6 hours ago, at Polish version of the blog I wrote that Robert Kubica presence at the ceremony of beatification of John Paul II is not realistic. Two hours ago, my predictions confirmed Pole`s manager, Daniele Morelli.

All this rumours have source in a single, unfortunate statement of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, who under the influence of emotion, said that Robert Kubica will have "pole position" on beatification`s ceremonies. He stated that opinion in February. Now Dziwisz said that he did not send an official invitation for Kubica.

I`m sure that sending such an invitation would not be a problem, however, there is different, far more serious problem connected with the participation of Kubica in these ceremonies. It is the health of Lotus Renault driver. Kubica simply will not be able to leave the hospital until May 1. It wouldn`t also be reasonable to transport him to Rome. During the ceremony which is set for several hours can be extremely hot (even now in Italy are record heat), will be stuffy and crowded. These are not good conditions for the person who  less than three months previously suffered a very serious injuries, had lost several pints of blood and underwent four operations, lasting a total 30 hours.

I understand that the information that Robert will walk aroused fantasy of journalists, but the message "Robert begins to walk," tells us that in next few days he will be shuffling his right foot on the ground. We have to remember the he had serious injuries of his knee.

It is also worth noting that we didn`t see Kubica since the day of accident. Do you think that in his style would now be showing himself on a wheelchair? No, definitely not.

We have to forget about this sensations and focus on very good news which come to us from Pietra Ligure.

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