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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, 12.04: Hospital spokesman, "Kubica starts to get out of bed"

Tuesday was a day full of positive news from Pietra Ligure, where, after an accident in Ronde di Andora rally, is Robert Kubica. Santa Corona hospital spokesman, Roberto Carrozzino said today that Pole starts to get up  from the bed and stand on his both legs with help of crutches. He is doing it under control of the doctors and physiotherapists.

Spokesman explained that Kubica gets out of bed, stands on his left leg and then gently transfer his weight onto right leg, which suffered very severely in the accident on 6th February. This is made very carefully, under the supervision of a group of specialists. Doctors said that this is the largest progress in Kubica`s rehabilitation.

This is a very good signal, which indicates that all the nerves, muscles and bones in Robert`s leg can return to full fitness.

Carrozzino also said that during the entire treatment process Pole is making progress which is good prognosis for the future.

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