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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, 12.04: Heidfeld writes a letter to Kubica, touching words

Nick Heidfeld wrote a beautiful letter to Robert Kubica after his podium place in Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix. German, who replaces Robert Kubica in this season in Lotus Renault GP, wrote on his official website that his third place in the last race was also caused by Kubica`s hard work during winter. Nick wished Robert speed recovery.

After Robert Kubica's accident in Ronde di Andorra rally, when it was certain that he will need a substitution to a part or the whole season, a team Lotus Renault GP contracted most experienced of the available drivers - Nick Heidfeld. It was the rightest decision, but in Poland has not met with enthusiasm because of previous argues between Kubica and Heidfeld when they've been riding in a BMW Sauber team.

Nick admitted that Kubica must be angry that it was he who replaced him. Now, German wants to gain the sympathy of Poles, but he also wants to thank Robert for his hard work during the preparations period for the season, when Kubica with Lotus Renault engineers made a very fast car.

"I wanted you to see that I`m thinking about you. I wanted to show my fans that you are a part of Formula 1 and of this team. This 3rd place is also yours! During the race I had often been thinking of you. Crossing the finish line, happiness totally flooded my head. I know what you are thinking right now: "Lotus-Renault has built such a wonderful car this year" - wrote Heidfeld.

German added that he has a Polish flag and Kubica`s logo on his helmet which are an expression of good wishes for Kubica.

Nick noticed that Kubica, seeing how fast is the car of his team, will want to come back as soon as possible and he wished him that in his letter.

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