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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday, 05.04: Sense of considerations and regrets

Today we didn`t receive any new informations about Robert Kubica`s condition. Instead of that there were some reports about Kubica's advanced talks with Ferrari about replacing by him Felipe Massa in next season. Yesterday German newspaper Blick wrote that Kubica lost his lifetime chance to succes in Formula 1. Do those considerations have any sense?

Since we know the final consequences of Kubica`s accident in Ronde di Andora and initial prognosis of doctors, we knew that Pole had lost a lot - not just health, physical fitness, but also the possibility of achieving success in Formula 1. Since the first day all the fans of Lotus Renault GP driver have to accept it.

After race in Australia, where we were able to see good place of Lotus Renault GP car, it became clear that Kubica lost a lot. But how much? That we will never know. In my opinion he wouldn`t have any chances to fight for the title this year, because Red Bull Racing advantage is still high, and a good Petrov place in Melbourne was a result of good tyres strategy and rival mistakes.

Another aspect is the possibility of Kubica`s transfer after the end of the season to Ferrari, a team of dreams for almost every F1 driver, also Robert. Today`s sensations about replacement Massa with Kubica for next year are only theoretical, but we have to admit that Kubica was the leading candidate to replace the Brazilian. Why he? Because Robert is a great driver, who in a team like Ferrari would definitely fight for the world champion title. But let's look at the drivers policy in Maranello team.
When was the last time in this team when there was two equal drivers, on an equal position and with equal rights? We have to go back to the early 90s - to find answer. Do you think that Kubica would agree to be the number 2 driver in Formula 1 team? After the experiences in the Formula 3 Euroseries - certainly not.

The truth is that Robert Kubica will not drive in this Formula 1 season and we do not know whether he will be able to return. We know that Robert has lost a lot and everyone who cared about his success now suffers. And I will not deny that I enjoyed the Heidfeld's 18th place in Australia and grieving looking at Petrov third place. The better it will go for Heidfeld and Petrov then I will feel that Kubica lost more. Positive aspects iof their success  are for me only two things: first, the better they drive, the more money from sponsors will have a team of Lotus Renault Grand Prix, and the second is fact that Robert is so brilliant driver, that, together with the engineers and mechanics he was able to create a car, in which even Petrov is on the podium.

The results of the poll, which recently ended up on my blog shows that 81% of voters share my opinion that Kubica would have a lot of successes in this season. And just not to realize how much it would be, I prefer to leave predictions and considerations about the future, hoping that the return of Robert Kubica's to Formula 1 will be spectacular.

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