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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday, 28.04: Kubica`s recovery pace is impressive

Today we could read very interesting interview with Francesco Lanza, doctor, who operated Robert Kubica. He said that everything is on good way and Kubica`s progress impressed all specialists. Robert is in very good mood and his determination will help him in recovery.

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Question: How is Robert?
Francesco Lanza: "Pole is definitely fine, generally the situation is very satisfying.”

Q: What made you decide about letting him leave the hospital?
F.L.: “It was already scheduled, because you can’t stay for six-seven months in a hospital. After two and a half months, you should expect that. He needed to start his daily life again. I think that nobody wants to stay in a hospital. It was an joint decision, but a plan that we have been working on for some time. We were waiting for him to move by himself: he was limited by some fractures on which he couldn’t put any load and by the shoulder that didn’t let him use crutches. When he gained his independence, it was clear that he wanted to go home.”

Q: What are the plans in the next few months?
F.L.: “In the next few months he will have to undergo some checks to monitor the healing of the fractures, while he will go on with physioterapy in close locations to his home. Then he will come back to us to check the evolution, more or less monthly. Then, for the rehabilitation of the hand, he’s working with physiotherapists. With us, the rehabilitation is less specific and partly already done: the shoulder, for example. The rest will be done by others as well, as his doctor, who has a dedicated center for sports activity (Dr. Ceccarelli).”

Q: As far as his comeback in an F1 car is concerned, what’s your opinion at the moment?
F.L.: “You can’t make any predictions. I’d say the perspectives are definitely much better than when we started and this is very important. We can’t commit ourselves, but we can’t either dismiss anything. His functional recovery surprised us as well: if this will let him do something very specific as driving a Formula One car, it’s still very difficult to say. But we have the necessary conditions, even higher than we expected. We can sincerely say we are optimistic that this person could recover a good function of the limb. With the will and the grit he has shown, we can’t rule anything out. Remember that the biggest injuries were with the nerves, which have long lead times to heal: at least six months. But we already have encouraging signs of recovery. I think a first time to take stock of the recovery has to be done six months after the accident."

“He’s very motivated. Maybe because of his job, he’s used to have grit in the car and he shows it in all the aspects of life, as well. It will be a long road. The nerve injuries were very severe and it will be a miracle if he recovers enough feel to drive an F1 car on the limit as he used to. But clearly Kubica is massively motivated and his career to date shows how he has been able to overcome adversity to reach the top. It’s a fascinating human interest story."

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  1. From " It will be a long the end" are not about the doctor's own opinion but James Allen.
    I read the original version of the interview with Professor Lanza and it does not say that at the end.

    Otherwise this blog is really great, thank you for all these news even if I dig too much on the web to find info. You find that I had not discovered myself.

    Sorry for my bad english.