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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, 07.04: Media are forgetting about Kubica. Because of lack of informations?

Another day passed without any information from Pietra Ligure about Robert Kubica`s condition. No wonder that media start to forget about Pole. It is significant that on the official website of the series -, the last article which deals fully about Robert was published ... March 2.

Information blockade, which seems to be imposed on us by the Kubica`s environment, makes that the media interest about Pole`s condition decreases. We know that Kubica`s family, manager and personal doctor have good intentions and want to protect Robert`s privacy and peace, but it cannot lead to the fact that the environment of Formula 1 forgets about Kubica. The only information we get about Lotus Renault driver is from doctors or nurses. The last message coming from a Pole manager, Daniele Morelli, was that no further operations are planned on Robert. The day after we had learned that Robert had  another elbow surgery ...

We know that the Pole was never loved by the F1 authorities and media managers from FIA. Surely, therefore, Kubica has never been a media animal, he wasn`t been an controversial person. But more than 36 days without any information on the official F1 website about him  is a proof that no one will take care of Kubica`s PR if his own surrounding won`t do that.

Kubica never had a Twitter or Facebook profile, where he could inform about himself, but having an efficient website is a necessity nowadays. Robert doesn`t have even that one working properly - neither in Polish nor in English. In the "news" you will find information from February 16. What's more, above the website there is information in the search engines that "it could fall victim to the attack", which effectively discourages fans from visiting it.

Robert is a racing driver, one of the best and most talented in the world, but he has repeatedly admitted that with only great driving, it is very difficult to make a career. When he finally reached it , he has not changed and he still successfully defends his privacy, which is good. But there is a difference between privacy and defending from media and fans, when they need information about person they are worried about. Kubica has a manager and one of his duties is to contact with media.
We do not expect showing-off from Kubica and that he will be sharing with us everything he does, but we want respect for fans and treating them seriously.

Lets hope that during forthcoming Malaysian Grand Prix we will be able to read positive news about Robert.

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