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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, 17.04: Controversies about Lopez' statement

Today was held a very exciting Formula 1 race in China so media attention was focused on Shanghai, not on Pietra Ligure. We didn`t not received any new information about Robert Kubica`s condition. Probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we can expect an official medical bulletin from Santa Corona hospital. I would like today to refer to the recent Gerard Lopez, Lotus Renault GP owner, statement who caused a little noise in Polish media.

At the beginning I will quote this statement in the original language, namely English:

"At the moment neither us nor Robert must think about these things [question concerned about Kubica`s return to racing - MC]. We are extremely happy with Heidfeld. His character is very different from Kubica's, but he has set inside the team very well . Robert at the moment must keep his focus on his recovery only. "

Some journalists in Poland have understood this statement as an announcement that Kubica could have problems with return to Lotus Renault GP car after his return to full health. Well, the owner of Geni Capital Group hadn`t said nothing like that. Analysing the first and third sentence we can only say that there is nothing certain about Robert`s comeback.

Another message is that which directly results from the second sentence - Lotus Renault GP team is pleased with the Nick Heidfeld`s work and performance. And even if it is not quite true, the team owner have to speak that, because it raises driver`s confidence and morale.

We should not attach too much significance to Lopez words because there is nothing certain about Pole`s comeback. If Kubica is ready to return this season, will he change Heidfeld at the first possible race? Probably not, because Kubica will go to the factory and will prepare the car for 2012. And what if the Pole will get full fitness after 2012 season start? Will he replace Heidfeld then? Or maybe Robert will be forced to ride in some other team for some part of season? In next season there propably will be two lucrative places in top teams - Ferrari and Red Bull. Maybe Kubica will be driving there? Maybe, but first he would have to pass tests which check if he is still so excellent driver.

We can multiply questions for a very long time, but any speculations make sense only under one condition: that Robert Kubica will return to full fitness. And this is what we wish him, waiting for positive news from Pietra Ligure.

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