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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, 03.04: Smaller F1`s audience without Kubica?

While Robert Kubica is having rehabilitation program on his legs and exercises on right hand and shoulder, the worldwide media are wondering whether the popularity of Formula 1 will fall down without him. After Kubica`s horribl accident in Ronde di Andora rally and sad vision of his absence in entire season of 2011, there were many voices that less people will watch F1 races, especially in Poland. Unfortunately there is some truth in that opinions but we should not judge it after first Grand Prix in Australia.

For three days we have not received any new information about Robert Kubica`s condition. Based on previous informations, probably Robert continues  a bit more intense exercises on both legs and the normal rehabilitation programme on his right hand and shoulder. Probably Pole in next 2-3 weeks will be able to stand on his own feet and to take a few steps. In the first days of next week we should hear a medical statement about Robert`s health.

Since Kubica's horrible accident media in Poland and in other countries are wondering if the popularity of Formula 1 drops? How many people watched the races just to see Kubica? Perhaps it was a large percentage of viewers of this exciting sport. Nevertheless, I hope that thanks to Robert's 5 years of driving in F1, in hearts of many of us, there grow a love to racing and, despite his absence, the audience will only slightly reduce. If we want to have tangible results we shouldn't take into consideration the audience of Australian Grand Prix, which although it was the inauguration of the season, it was played in very bad time for watching. Let's wait for the next round with prognoses.

All in all, I am sure that if Robert comes back to Formula 1 the audience rate will jump on very strongly so it will break all the records. It will be a great moment, but it's still a long way for Robert to make it. It is his race - not with time, but with nature - in which we should now support Kubica. He deserves it like nobody else in the racing world, because everything that he has achieved, he has made by hard work. He loves racing and he is a genius in it.

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