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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday, 23.04: We know the details of Kubica`s further rehabilitation

Robert Kubica's personal doctor, Riccardo Ceccarelli revealed details of the  Pole`s further rehabilitation, which will take place in his facility. Italian said also that whether the driver of Lotus Renault GP will be able to return to his car will be known in summer, probably by the end of August.

Kubica in next 10 days will leave the Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure (probably it will happen on Sunday, May 1). Robert will go to Monaco to his home, where he will be resting for a few days. Then Pole will travel to doctor Ceccarelli`s clinic, where he will continue the rehabilitation of his arm and leg.

About four doctors will take care of Kubica. They will look after the various parts of his body which suffered in rally crash in Ronde di Andora. They will also be in constant contact with doctors who cared for Kubica in Santa Corona hospital.

For Robert, is planned eight hours programme of exercises each day, using specialized equipment, including racetrack, which will allow for gradual load of the right leg. Pole will also carry out special training programme which will allow him keep fitness like F1 drivers.

Ceccarelli also spoke about Kubica`s condition and the vision of his return to the racing car cockpit. According to the Italian in the summer, 6 months after the accident, we will know whether and when Kubica will be able to drive. Nerves in Robert`s hand react, but not in all places in the same way. Their restoration is a very slow process. His hand is completely set and should regain full or nearly full efficiency. The elbow is in place, but here we have to wait with prediction about fitness. He said that with the efficiency of the right leg should not be problems. It is still not possible to predict the degree of healing the hand.

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