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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, 16.04: Elbow - the key issue in case of return

Elbow - currently seems to be the biggest worry of Robert Kubica regarding his return onto Formula 1 track. As for all the remaining parts of the Pole's body, we know it will be possible to restore them to full or nearly 100%  fitness. We still cannot say the same about elbow, but I think it is better than we all think ...

After Robert Kubica's accident, when we got the knowledge of the scale of his injuries, everyone knew that the hardest thing will be to return the full fitness of his hand. Initially there was, after all, even the threat of amputation of the forearm. This terrible necessity was avoided, but damage to the wrist and elbow, put up a big question mark over further career of Pole. Now it seems that everything is heading in the right direction, tests are optimistic and even the most maimed elbow, which has been operated four times, looks not so badly.

Lotus Renault driver's elbow is still immobilized after surgery, which was held on March 12. When I talked with a familiar doctor he told me that elbow may be immobilized up to 6 weeks. That date also gave Kubica's doctors, who said in mid-March that the dressing would remain on the right hand of Robert for 30-40 days. This period will pass soon. Pole is of course very often subjected to X-ray examination and CT to assess bone fusion and the state of muscles and tendons.

As Marcin Czachorski (coordinator of Robert Kubica in Poland) said, with the results of these tests are very pleased doctors, who participated in the operation. Mr. Czachorski in case of elbow seems to be telling whole truth, because personally I have received very positive news from Pietra Ligure. All tests carried out on the elbow gave very positive results, and perhaps his return to full fitness will be easier than we think.

Let's hope that official information from Marcin Czachorski, as well as those that reach us from more confidential channels, will prove to be true and Robert Kubica will have no problems getting his elbow fitness.

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  1. Great news!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see Kubica back on track!
    Keep up the good work!