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Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday, 01.04: Fears that Kubica will overtrain his body are groundless and too early

According to Alex Wurz words, there is a lot of concern that Robert Kubica can overtrain his body. Those are definitely too early and groundless fears.

Considerations will Kubica make to many exercises while he still cannot get up from bed are definitely too early. Lotus Renault driver is now 24/7 under observation and care of the medical staff from the hospital of Santa Corona in Pietra Ligure and his family. Every movement of his right leg and hand is well considered and there is even not a physical possibility to overload Poles's muscles and bones.

The same situation will be after his release from hospital and start of rehabilitation in another facility. Robert is and he will be under care of the best specialists, in consultation with whom he will pass through  next stages on his way to return to F1.

We have to remember that Robert perfectly knows his body and he can adapt exercise to its possibilities. Years of sacrifice and discipline when he was driving in a different series now will pay off twice, and if nature allows him, Robert will return to driving.

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