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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, 25.04: Kubica`s rehabilitation is very fast

As Robert Kubica's doctor Riccardo Ceccarelli,said rehabilitation Pole so far proceeded very fast, but the regeneration of the nerves, for what we are waiting now, will last quite long. As I have written earlier, at the end of August it will be known if and when Kubica will be able to return to racing.

Ceccarelli said that  because the Kubica's return to health ran so fast that it was possible to give him few days of rest at his home in Monaco. Then Robert would go to an Italian hospital, where he will undergo a specially designed training program under the supervision of specialists.

All the bones in the body of the Pole has been set and are now on the way to recovery. Nobody knows whether it will be possible to regain full mobility of the elbow and the power in hand needed to drive a Formula 1 car. Now the doctors, fans, and most of all  Kubica himself, must wait for the regeneration of severely damaged nerves. They recover at a rate of about 1 millimeter per day, but it all depends on the patient. When the nerves will be restored Kubica will have to learn to use them again.

We must remember, that it is still unclear whether the driver of Lotus Renault GP will be able to race again in Formula 1. Nevertheless, today's information of Ceccarelli regarding rapid pace of rehabilitation allow us to have hope that it will continue in the same way and pace.

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