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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, 04.04: Kubica will soon stand on his feet, the next few weeks in the hospital

As a hospital spokesman, Roberto Carrozzino said, Robert Kubica in next couple of days will stand on his feet, but to take a few steps he must wait some more time. Carrozzino said also that rehabilitation goes well, and the Pole will remain in hospital for next few weeks.

In the next few days, doctors will start to load Kubica`s right foot to prepare it to walk. Initially, this will be the 30% load. Spokesman said, however, that it is not known when Robert will be able to walk a few steps.  We will be informed on the progress by the medical bulletins.

As for the progress of the overall rehabilitation of Kubica, a spokesman said that it runs normally and properly. It is not known, however, when Robert will be able to leave the hospital, but it`s sure that it will not happen faster than in a few weeks.

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