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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last poll results

Yesterday ended a very interesting poll in which I asked are we properly informed about Robert Kubica`s health. Voting proceeded exactly in the week in which - ironically - we had a lot of news about Robert Kubica and his rehabilitation progress.  How does this exceptionally high intensity of information affected on your voting? Probably didn`t have much impact. Below I present results:

The question was: Do you think that we got enough news about Kubica`s rehabilitation? Here are your answers:

Yes, we know everything we should know         16 votes (21%)
Yes, but it would be good to hear some details   24 votes (31%)
It`s not bad, but not good also                           16 votes (21%)
No, we should get more info                              20 votes (27%)

As you can see, despite a big amount of information about Robert Kubica in last week, We are not completely satisfied with them. Mainly because of a lack of official communicates.
However, I think we all agree that we want to hear some Robert Kubica`s statements, interviews, photos or videos.

Waiting for such a spectacular event, I invite you to vote in another poll, about two Lotus Renault GP drivers.

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