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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday, 14.04: Kubica starts walking with the walker

Last days were very intensive for Robert Kubica, who is during a very important phase of his rehabilitation. Pole begins preparations for leaving the hospital, by working on his legs fitness. As informed Francesco Lanza, an orthopedist who operated Kubica, Robert starts to put initial steps, for now with the "walker".

Stepping on his right foot and restoring leg`s efficiency will allow free walking.This is one of the last stages of Kubica`s rehabilitation in hospital. When Robert will start walking and all the tests on his hand will be carried out, Pole will theoretically be able to leave hospital.

Lanza said, that Kubica slowly begins to put his first steps. Everything is being made very slowly and under physiotherapist eye. Lanza points out that Robert was stiffened to bed for two months, so return to efficiency of leg`s muscles must take some time.

"Kubica learns to take a correct position during walking. I think that within next 10 days he will be able to walk quite easily" - said the Italian surgeon, describing Lotus Renault driver progress.

Lanza said that the date of Kubica's leave is still not known. Everything will depend on him and professionals caring out his rehabilitation process. According to Lanza, if only Robert is independent, he will be able to leave Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure, where he resides since February 6.

We are pleased that more good news is coming to us.


  1. Good news! I hope that Kubica is back soon. Keep up the good work with this website.
    I did not liked Lopez's comments today: "Właściciel Lotus Renault: powrót Kubicy nie jest pewny, jesteśmy zadowoleni z Heidfelda"

  2. Maybe tomorrow I will write about it, I think that we shouldn`t take that words to seriously. Lopez want`s to encourage Heidfeld and he is still pissed out for Kubica. And... he is Lotus Renault owner, so he prefer to pay 1 million euro to Heidfeld instead 8 millions to Kubica. Simple as that.