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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, 15.04: Kubica will remain in hospital for a long time

In recent days, with increasing noise around Robert Kubica, a number of statements, saying that he will leave Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure at the end of April have appeared. Those speculations are linked with information about Kubica`s first steps which he has recently done. It won`t be possible but even if it would be,should Kubica hurry up with this?

Kubica stays in Pietra Ligure since day of accident in Ronde di Andorra rally, which is the sixth February. There he has been guaranteed with excellent medical care, rehabilitation and total privacy. His condition, although it is still improving, is not yet good enough to be able to function independently. After leaving the hospital he would have to reside in some facility where he would be exercising efficiency of his hand and elbow. Is it any sense to transport him to another place?
Probably not.

Kubica and his family, have already "arranged" themselves in Pietra Ligure. Pole is under care of outstanding professionals, and the Santa Corona Hospital is well equipped. Only, what Robert can complain on is monotony of the surroundings. But with its change, rhythm of Pole`s exercises and his privacy could be disrupted.

We, Robert`s fans, "ordinary people" like to see the great milestones in certain processes. But in the case of rehabilitation, after such extensive injuries, everything must proceed slowly, steadily and quietly. Although Robert has imposed a fast pace of his exercises, it is still unclear what will be performance of his elbow (PS I guess it is better than we think, but more about that I will write tomorrow...). Patience is the key word in Kubica`s return to full health.

We do not expect, therefore, that Lotus Renault GP driver will leave hospital as soon as possible. The longer he resides in Pietra Ligure, the better he will be cured. Place where Kubica is curing, if he is given a group of specialists and equipment, does not matter. Moving him from there could only result in unnecessary complications. I am sure that Robert wants to leave Santa Corona hospital in good fitness, greeting fans, and when some journalist will ask him how does he feel, then he will respond in his characteristic way: "I feel like a driver coming out of the hospital."

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