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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, 08.04: New information about Kubica`s health

We have new, unofficial, of course, informations about Robert Kubica who is lying in Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure. News included bending fingers by Polish driver, inability to self-standing and full recovery of left side of his body.

According to received informations, Robert is able to bend his fingers in less than half their total bend, which means clench his fist. Maybe within the next month it will be possible for Robert to make further progress in this matter. Kubica, who suffered severely in an accident in rally Ronde di Andora, cannot even stand on its own, but has had a longer stand on his own feet with  help of physiotherapists. In next 4 weeks Pole should try to walk a few steps.

As for the left side of Kubica`s body which were not harmed during the impact with a metal barrier, it should soon return to full fitness. Although it was not damaged, almost a month lying in bed without a specific rehabilitation gaveit the effect of a partial muscle atrophy.

We hope for more good news from Italy.

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  1. Thanks for the update Mateusz, what is your source ?

    BTW "information" doesn't have "s" a plural form

    - Bartek