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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, 30.03: How will Kubica`s first steps look like?

We found out today a little bit more about how will Robert Kubica first steps after rally crash in Ronde di Andora  look like. Pole for nearly two months is confined to a hospital bed, but according to doctors opinions in the next two weeks he should take his first steps.

When speaking about Kubica`s injuries most people have in their minds hand and shoulder. But we have to remember that seriously damaged was also Robert`s right leg. Lotus Renault driver had multiple open fractures, a damaged kneecap and a broken heel and foot. Barely 2 months after a terrible accident he will try to walk. It is a big success.

Robert initially will stand on his left leg, then he will also try to stand on both legs, initially with only 30% load on right leg.

Kubica has already had exercises to prepare his right leg to walk. It is not known, however, how plans to begin walking will prove in practice. Doctors will be ready to wait because is it already known that the return to full fitness of Kubica`s right leg will be possible. As for now we still cannot say the same about his right hand.

Doctors have also confirmed, that Kubica's condition continued to improve.

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