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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, 29.03: How does visit to Robert Kubica looks like?

Thanks to one of our readers, who was in the hospital of Santa Corona in Pietra Ligure, we learned how the road of those who personally want to pass Robert Kubica greetings or gifts looks like.

Since the accident in rally Ronde Roberta di Andora, Kubica`s privacy is strictly protected. There are only two published photos, of him lying on a stretcher. In hospital Santa Corona there is security agency and monitoring system to protect Robert from unwanted guests. No one unauthorized can get in and around of the Kubica`s hospital room on rehabilitation unit.

Even hospital staff has to leave all electronic devices which can make a picture or record voice of Kubica before entering his room. The blinds in windows are closed to make it not possible to take a photo from the outside. Robert`s transportation to next surgeries was well  secured and we didn`t get any photos from this time.

Our reader, who lives near Pietra Ligure, went to the hospital of Santa Corona to wish Robert all the best and give local delicacies. This was the second Kubica`s week in hospital. Magda was able to get to the rehabilitation unit and meet with the Robert`s girlfriend, Edyta Witas ( who meets with his fans). As a reader of our blog reports, Edyta was very nice and helpful, both for her and for two Italian fans, who gave her a gift to Robert a while ago. After a moving conversation, in which Edyta Witas said that she will not leave the hospital without her love, she promised that she will give gifts and greetings to Robert.

We should be jealous of Magda`s great adventure. We have to have in mind that it was over a month ago and since then Kubica is even more guarded. We must respect the desire to keep the privacy of Robert and his family in those difficult time and we hope that in return they will keep us informed about the medical condition of best Polish racing driver.

Source: and my own informations.

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