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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday, 15.03: Kubica is resting in hospital

Tuesday didn`t bring us any new information from Pietra Ligure, where rests Robert Kubica after the fourthoperation. After Saturday's operation doctors are optimistic, but Kubica fans are worried about him.

Many fans expressed fear that Pole`s condition is not as good as medicals said. Kubica couldn`t been transported to Modena, where he should be held Saturday's elbow surgery, because it did not allow his condition. In addition, Daniele Morelli have said recently that there are no plans to next Robert`s operations. The day after his statement, we learned about another surgery.

But we should not all be treat this news very negative. The whole right side of the body is heavily damaged and transport to another clinic would be unnecessary risk. When we talk about fourth surgery - maybe doctors noticed some possible corrections in his elbow and made ​​them. We hope that this is true and that Robert`s condition improves from day to day, and his chances of returning to F1 are rising.

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