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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday, 01.03: Morelli: "It isn`t possible to predict date of Robert`s comeback"

Robert Kubica`s manager Daniele Morelli said today that it isn`t possible to predict date of Robert`s comeback. He isn`t sure yet will Kubica be able to race again. Italian said also that everything is going well  so far.

Today we didn`t get fresh news about  Kubica`s present condition. Instead of that we have some quotes from Daniele Morelli and Fernando Alonso about Polish driver.

Since horrible rally crash many Kubica`s fans wondered about date of his comeback on Formula 1 tracks. In the same time doctors told that there is no way to declare concrete month in which Robert will be able to drive a car. Their latest quotes that full rehabilitation programme will take 8 to 10 months caused many speculations, that Lotus Renault driver can come back  this year.

As I wrote yesterday, such speculations don`t have any sense, because we still don`t know if Kubica will be even able to move his elbow. Today Robert`s manager, Daniele Morelli, confirmed my thoughts. He said: "Kubicas`s process of getting back to full health is going well, but there is no possibility to predict if and when he will be able to do his job. It`s impossible."

Italian underlined, that we must separate our best wishes for Robert Kubica and real abilities of his body. 

Fernando Alonso,  Kubica`s close friend, said today that Robert is bored in hospital. He can only lie in his bed and talk with family. For someone who has been very active since he was 6 it`s very unusual situation. We hope, that in nearest future it will change.

Next two weeks should give doctors from Pietra Ligure`s hospital a full scan of Kubica`s health. We are waiting for good news.

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