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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday, 03.03: Robert Kubica after another surgery

Italian media reported, that yesterday Robert Kubica had another surgery intervention, but it was routine operation and there should not be drawn negative conclusions from it. Kubica returned today to normal exercises.

This time doctors  took care of Pole`s right leg, which suffered much in rally accident in Ronde di Andora. There have been damages in foot, heel, all the bones and kneecap.

Surgeons repaired screws, which are stabilising broken bones. The idea was to increase the stability of the bone and allow proper and quick confluency of fractures. The procedure was a routine and is often in such complex fractures.

Robert returned today to standard exercices, which he has been making since few days. They are a preparation for proper rehabilitation programme. Exercises last from 15 to 20 minutes and are repeated about seven times a day.

In the next days Robert Kubica will continue to getting stronger. In coming weeks there must be adequate healing of his injuries and then he will be able to start full rehabilitation programme.

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